Blue Z Boost

This product is discontinued. To make your own blue Z boost please see intensive dosing.

Blue Z Boost is our full throttle detox product! Blue Z Boost has maximum cleaning power to help rid your body of toxic chemicals, pesticides, gmos, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, fungus, etc.
Drinking Blue Z Boost is like hitting the cosmic “search and replace” button. It “searches” for the massive array of toxins found in your body, cleans them, and then replaces them with living black mica super mineral nutrition. These minerals, named “GENE MINERALS”, by Dr. Nojima, are essential nutrients for repairing damaged DNA.
Blue Z Boost has all the key benefits of Blue Z Water at the highest therapeutic concentration:
1. Chelation detox therapy
2. Oxygen therapy
3. Anti-oxidant therapy
4. Trace mineral therapy (Gene Minerals)
5. Structured water therapy
Please read our 80 page e-book describing the remarkable results Dr. Nojima achieved giving this max dose formula to his patients. Click here.
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