For Trauma Informed Educators.

November 18, 2019

Transformation of consciousness is the number one job in education.  It is as important to teach a child how to get rid of information as it is to take in information. If we are serious about trauma informed education we must go deeper.  This isn’t a crisis left to psychologists and neuro science.  This isn’t another absolutism. This is you and me.

Everything we do is being run by our subconscious mind and anyone with half a heart, and who realizes how conditioned our minds are,  knows everyday day is trash day.  We all know that the human mind needs radical transformation and the old structure of consciousness is killing us.  So call it what you want Ho’oponopono cleaning,  Buddhist emptying the mind, Christ purification, Maimonides negation, alchemy, shamanism, we need to embrace self transformation as centerpiece to education. How do you teach this plan b approach to the mind where the ungathering becomes an essential component to true intelligence.  One can teach Rumi the great Sufi poet or Lao Tzu or Kierkegaard or the overall understanding of Negation philosophy.  You can teach less is more in music class. The Blues vs Jazz.  Give the student the vision that austerity, simplicity can be a life consciousness path.  True processing and true intelligence leads to greater simplicity and a more harmonious life.  We live in data overload culture that is destroying people, as the human nervous system was designed to attune and commune and not be sloshed about with chaotic data overload.

Until the core curriculum mirrors deeper inner wisdom as the number one goal of education, trauma informed makes little sense.  Ironically self empowerment comes through learning about ourselves and a pruning of deeper layers of consciousness.  Less is more.  Each one of us must become deep consciousness cleaners.  And btw a clue to consciousnesses cleaning starts with an understanding of the limbic system, the so called tree of knowledge. 

In all my years of so called education, the only teachers that impressed me were those who showed humanity and non pretentiousness.  The higher the education the greater the arrogance.  I went to prestigious schools and realized it was just another caste system that held the allure and spell casting wand over to be or not to be.  This is the goal of education, to become anointed or shunned. By the time we become anointed you are 100,000 in debt! Now that is what I call some powerful Voodoo!  If we are to talk about bullying then lets start with the inherent caste consciousness ego structure of our society.  Our students are being misled that education will anoint them as somebody the day they get their degree.  High powered job, top of their class, go getters, respected citizens.  Can we teach our students another way? Can we simply teach them about the organic nature of life?  Can we put forth the simple question what is a healthy human being look like and then focus our  intent toward achieving that goal?  

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