Master Cleanser

Master cleaner – A must for every detox program!

Blue Z Water will clean standing toxic water to make it safe for drinking but what is most important is it will clean toxins as they circulate throughout your body. It is a real time 24/7 circulating filtration system, grabbing up a slew of environmental toxins including radiation, heavy metals such as mercury, lead and arsenic, the massive array of environmental chemicals including pesticides and herbicides, gmos, etc.  Blue Z Water permeates every cell in your body and this indeed, for many, might be the first time they have ever had living water. 

The power of this product is that once you structure your drinking water it stays structured for years. Blue Z Water stays “on” all the time guarding your body from invading toxins.  You can also control the intensity of your dosing.  The more drops you add the more detoxifying the water becomes. Please note, one can experience what is called a Herxheimer response if they accelerate the detox process too rapidly.

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