What is Blue Z Water

What is Blue Z Water?

It’s a super concentrated, water based solution of ionic minerals made from a type of crystalline deposit called Black Mica. We all are witnessing environmental toxins growing to unprecedented levels. Drinking Blue Z Water is like hitting the cosmic “search and replace” button. It “searches” for the massive array of toxins found in your body, cleans them, and then replaces them with this living “black mica” trace mineral nutrition that sustains all life! These minerals, named “GENE MINERALS”, by Dr. Nojima, are essential nutrients for repairing damaged DNA. Finally, it’s structured water matrix, called the fourth phase of water, delivers maximum hydration.

Five key therapeutic benefits in one product for $5.60 a month!

One 8 Oz. bottle of Blue Z Water treats 96 gallons and last for over 6 months. Blue Z Water combines the benefits of 5 key therapies:

  1. Chelation detox therapy
  2. Oxygen therapy
  3. Anti-oxidant therapy
  4. Trace mineral therapy (GENE MINERALS)
  5. Structured water therapy

It is a total detox product that nourishes as it cleans. To match the power of Blue Z Water one would need to buy a chelation product, oxygen therapy device, structured water device, ion trace mineral supplement and high end anti-oxidants costing hundreds of dollars. Blue Z Water is as water was intended to be, a gift from creator to clean, nourish and sustain us!

Blue Z water has three major dynamic actions:

  1. Provides comprehensive detoxification due to conversion of water molecules to activated oxygen. This becomes a 24/7 circulating filtration system capable of removing virtually every form of toxin from your body.
  2. Transforms ordinary water into structured water creating superior hydration. This is called the fourth phase of water also known as H3O2.
  3. Supplies foundational nutrition by furnishing essential “Black Mica” trace minerals in superior ionic form.

Dr. Asao Shimanishi, the creator of this super mineral solution, states in this speech:

“My original thought was to take advantage of this oxygen’s presence in water that carries energy called “ion”, which the oxygen in the air does not carry. By activating this oxygen, thus increasing the power of oxidation, I could stop the rotting process of organic matters within the water (the reverse of reduction state of oxidization) and pull away the contaminants through the process called Agglutination ………So rather than working with the Dissolved Oxygen, we thought of activating the oxygen within the water’s molecules, to create radical oxygen, called -OH by introducing minerals in an ionized state. It was our fortune that we have succeeded in making this a reality.”

In essence, he was able to convert ordinary oxygen in standing water into activated oxygen. This activated oxygen becomes the key component for cleaning the toxins contained within the water. Then the minerals facilitate the removal of all by-products of the cleaning process (agglutination).  Finally, this super mineral solution provides essential nutrients for soil, plants, humans and animals.

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