Blue Z Water is a master cleaning tool for both body, mind and soul. We all are witnessing environmental toxins growing to unprecedented levels. Awhile back, I came to realize, that my existing protocols needed to go the next level to match this environmental onslaught. I went into prayer and meditation asking for “something that would permeate everywhere in the body and grab up toxins as they entered my body.” The very next day I discovered Blue Z Water. Continue Reading…

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“In these days of environmental toxicity and climate collapse it is imperative that individuals take direct responsibility for their own health as much as possible and which substances enter the body. This Blue-Z water additive revivifies a body as it penetrates every tissue and flows throughout the body. In my own case the improvement in digestive function has been the most dramatic change. The alchemical transformation which this water additive introduces into every cell of the body is real. It adds back life into the water one consumes by transforming a “dead liquid” into a living elixir eagerly welcomed by ever cell in one’s body.”
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