Supporting your detoxification process

Blue Z Water is the foundation of our detox protocol which protects one from ongoing environmental exposures, helps one detoxify from years of accumulated toxins, and accelerates cellular repair from past and present damage.  We are constantly battling environmental toxins from a wide range of sources.  Our bodies are riddled with years of stored toxicity that is a powder keg for disease.  When you start to use Blue Z Water you begin the process of detoxification.  One must understand that not only are you removing accumulated toxins but that these toxins are the food for viruses, bacteria, fungus, etc.  A simple way to understand that your toxic body is a breeding ground for microbes is to envision a filthy swamp. If you don’t clean the water it attracts all kinds of microbes.

As you start to remove the toxic debris that these microbes feed on you can get what is called a “Herxheimer” response or healing crisis.  Essentially the microbes start to die off as you remove their food, the toxic material in your body. This displacement process can cause a lot of upheaval and these microbes that have been parasitically living in your body fight back. They don’t go away easily. Think of this like a war. The first stages of battle require one brings the army, navy, air force, a full blown attack. Once the enemy is subdued one only needs a fraction of those resources to maintain the peace.  So for the war of detox we recommend the following:

      1. Learning to do subconscious “cleaning.” There is nothing more toxic than the programs of the subconscious mind!! These programs cause incredible stress and can compromise one’s health. This is the greatest skill one can learn.  Learn to do this work and you will set yourself free!  To learn more please click here.
      2. Eat a healthy diet and do smart exercise.  See “You Are What you Eat” under Key Components to Holistic Program – Part 2 – Tips and Tools. Please read all our tips and tools for creating a complete foundation of support.
      3. Get a high end rebounder and start pumping your cells.  This is the very best “exercise” one can do.  See our pump and filter video.  
      4. The following products will provide extra detox support for the colon and help create a healthy gut ecology: Use diatomaceous earth, zeolite or Energy Enzyme Blend as a secondary filtration system (Blue Z Water is your primary filtration system). Take probiotics, enzymes, healthy non abrasive fiber products such as ground chia or flax seeds (product recommendation: Super Seed by Garden of Life), aloe vera juice, apple cider vinegar and healthy oils such as flax, fish and organic coconut oil. Please keep in mind the colon is the number one nesting ground for toxins and microbes. 
      5. To kill viruses and bacteria:  Use American Biotech Labs “Silver Sol.”  Of all anti-microbial products I have used I find this the best. This will help kill viruses, bacteria and fungus but remember your long term goal is to remove the toxic debris in your body that these microbes feed on. Also there is a product called “Microbe Blast” that is an excellent anti-microbial and anti-parasitical. The following step also creates an excellent anti-microbial action.
      6. Bubble ozone into treated Blue Z Water several times a day. This will enhance it’s ionic charge, increase the level of activated oxygen and boost it’s anti-microbial activity. We find this quite effective.  We recommend the Aqua 6 ozone machine.  Also please note that detox symptoms, aka herxheimer response, can be overwhelming.  Bubbling ozone into Blue Z Water often, along with taking Energy Enzyme Blend, can help alleviate detox aggravations.  For those more challenged, we offer an intensive detox regimen which requires practitioner monitoring and support. Please contact Andrew for practitioner support.
      7. Please read this blog “Breathe Like a Yogi for Dummies.” Blue Z Water bathes your cells in activated oxygen.   Adding this breathing practice to your detox program, exponentially potentiates the delivery of oxygen to your cells. Imagine trying to water your garden with a pinched garden hose. This is what is called vasoconstriction. Doing this breathing practice un-pinches the hose. It causes nerve relaxation, vasodilation and overall creates a vast increase in oxygen delivery to your cells. The more oxygen the more detox.  Please view our video Maximizing your Blue Z Water Therapy.
      8. The second most prevalent nesting ground for microbes is the sinus cavities (caves). Microbes look for stagnant, filthy zones to hide out. They can not survive in a well oxygenated non stagnant energized terrain.  For sinus detox one can use a netti pot or Neil Med Sinus rinse.  Just add 1/4 teaspoon salt and a half teaspoon of “Silver Sol” or three drops of “Microbe Blast” to warmed up Blue Z Water (can ozonate first if you like).

It is most important to understand that this program creates a powerful therapy that works 24/7. You can not let up.  You can’t roll a boulder uphill 90% of the way and then let go.  Microbes are opportunistic.  Give them a chance to re-establish themselves they will. Parasites lay eggs. Kill the parents the eggs incubate hatch and the cycle starts all over. This also goes for all infestation.  Keep it simple- all living things will do anything in their power to survive.  Anyone with Lyme Disease can testify to this statement.  Putting judgement aside about microbes they are no different than us- they want to live.

We highly recommend doing a Holistic Consult  as doing a detox program can be quite challenging. With practitioner support one can shorten the duration and intensity of detox healing crisis.  You will learn not just a take this for that and that for this approach, but gain a much deeper understanding of what you are doing and why. Without having a broader vision it is becomes quite challenging to heal just using a piecemeal approach.