Essential Trace Minerals

Essential Minerals – The Foundation of Life

Not only does Blue Z Water eliminate toxins but it gives the body the essential trace minerals needed for it’s biological processing. Without essential trace minerals in an activated ionic form, the bodies systems break down and lose normal functioning. We all know that we can not live without water for much more than four days. Have you ever considered that the essential minerals found in living water are “essential” to our survival? Trace minerals are the vital foundation to plant, animal and human life!

Trace minerals, by nature’s original design, are meant to be consumed in water that contains these minerals. The process goes like this: Mountain water (or ocean water) passes through rich mineral pathways and irrigates the soil. Mineral rich soil creates mineral rich fruits and vegetablesHumans and animals, in this naturally intended design, then drink the mineral rich water and eat the mineral rich fruits and vegetables. This is the Garden of Eden.

However, in today’s so called modern world, the water we drink is mineral depleted and the soil our vegetables are grown on is likewise depleted.  We drink dead water and eat dead vegetables grown in mineral dead soil, irrigated in most cases with dead water. Then we eat dead meat that is fed gmo infested corn, what I call a zombie vegetable. In Europe they have nicknamed our insane altered food “Frankenfood.”  Don’t be fooled by pretty vegetables.  Do your research on soil depletion, gmos and the farming methods used in industrial agriculture.