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Blue Z Water
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 by Ana Anderson

I am vert grateful to Andrew Scheim. His knowledge and eagerness to share is great. Thank you so much, each and every one of the videos he has published teach me so much, things that I didn't even know existed. He introduced me to the Blue Z Water, and that help me beyond believe and other products like the Rapid Release, it help me with and arthritis pain I was having in my left wrist. He told me the importance or using the Vibration Machine. I just purchased one through him. I wish I leave close to him so I could use the therapies he offers in his studio. I am grateful to you!!!

 by Miriam J.Pedrayes
Blue Z water

I just purchased some of your on sale blue sea water I started using the little bottle for 2 oz I went through them in the last four or five days and I also ordered a big one which I have to distribute it in the gallon jugs I will say something is happening I don't know what it is but I feel a little bit better I also use my vibration plate and I do have the Rapid Release gun I don't know if that's what it's called but the vibration machine I try to use these things I've only been using it for a week or two and I do see some sort of difference so I really am grateful for this product I want to know more about hydrogen water but I will say that your videos are very informative and I know when I tell my friends to watch if they get bored I always tell him to put it on a faster audio speed because then it's more interesting for them but I wanted to thank you because I've only been using this product for maybe a week and a half and I will continue to use it and I wanted to thank you it's much easier than doing the amino acids for metal release that take 45 minutes every morning this is much easier I have a lot to on that is... not only in losing weight and inflammation button healing some grief cuz my mother just recently passed away .... I am also in my mid-60s and I'm trying best just stay in a younger mindset .
..the hydration level of your water's excellent..... so thank you

 by KatESQ

The absolute best heath information!
Thank for your life work on this! Very grateful for the life changes benefits of your healing products!!!

 by stu

After enduring a round of sinus allergies and infections throughout the summer I contacted Andy and purchased a home ozone machine and accessories.

The price of these machines has come down recently such that it is quite economical to obtain one for home use. One obtains the pure oxygen (O2) tank from any local industrial tank supplier. The O2 goes a long way.

Suffice it to say that within three days of applying the ozone directly to my sinuses (a simple process) my sinuses are clear and I am confident they will remain so with regular self-treatments.

Ozone has proven efficacious in relieving various maladies. It is an entirely natural substance (although one must exercise caution not to breathe it directly into the lungs) and its use is an altogether simple process.

Andy provided advice and instruction throughout the whole process and has a series of videos and text reference material as well.

I cannot recommend this modality strongly enough in healing a variety of maladies and for general tonifying.

 by Anthony Wysock
Blue Z Water and Vibration Therapy for Lyme Disease

I contacted Andrew Scheim for his thoughts on adding the Blue Z Water as a key element in my self created Lyme Disease Protocol. After exchanging emails & phone calls I ordered the Blue Z Water product along with his strong recommendation to include full body vibrational therapy & the Rapid Release machine. The detoxification & oxidation from the ozone boosted Blue Z Water, has made a positive effect on my health. Combining the daily vibration machine along with the rapid release machine, I began to feel profound results in the unwinding of my nervous system, dense rigid connective tissue and tension throughout my entire body began to dissipate in just a few weeks. Andrews wisdom has been a crucial part of my body's recovery through the self-care methods he has lead me towards resulting in healing in ways I have never experienced.

 by Daniel Ferguson
Rapid Release

I received bodywork treatments from Andrew and he would use various healing technologies to reshape and revitalize my damaged and aching body, while I lay (somewhat passively) on the massage table. Part of Andrew's treatments included using the Rapid Release tool to break up congested and scarred tissue.
Last week I limped into Andrew's studio after playing six sets of tennis in less than 24 hours. Instead of putting me on the table, Andrew instructed me on 1) the purpose / theory of the Rapid release tool, 2) basic care and safe operation of the tool, and 3) best practices in techniques to maximize the tool's potential.
Andrew then left me alone to practice using the rapid release tool without his oversight or intervention. I liked being able to explore my own healing without being interrupted or corrected to “do it the right way.” Andrew trusted my awareness, intuition and intelligence to begin healing myself. Curiously, I invented many different techniques of my own, only to find that the most effective techniques were the ones Andrew taught me before I began on my own.
As a high school teacher, retired after 30 years. I had to laugh at how I resisted Andrew's accurate descriptions and detailed instructions in favor of my own thinking, much as my own high school students did with my classroom instruction.
In about one hour my pain was reduced from about an eight (on a ten scale) down to a two or three. My bio-mechanical movement was smoother, straighter and more comfortable.
Andrew often invests in new healing technologies, and shares his experience with me. I have seen and used around 10 or so different bodywork tools. Although all of them are effective in different degrees, the beauty of the rapid Release technology is that is works well alone AND in tandem with other machines. Also, it is very portable, and allows an athlete to identify and target their own chronic pain centers.
While many practitioners might be afraid to give their clients the skill and tools to heal themselves and free themselves from regular paid treatments, Andrew is truly interested in spreading the healing work and not just maintaining a client base for his own practice. That speaks volumes for his character and heart.  Daniel Ferguson, Tennis Player, High School Tennis coach, USTA Certified Official and
Rapid Release Tool believer.

 by Eveline S
Thank you,

I was in bad shape with Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS and have been helped by Andrew quite a bit. My energy and sleep have really improved with Blue Z Water, Chi Machine, Vibration Machine, and a very strict sleep routine of Epsom Salts Bath, meditation, light reading (no screens) before bed, and a sleep mask . I have gone from 2-3 hrs of sleep at its worst. Andrew helped me so much with answers to questions, etc., about the tools I have purchased through him. My energy is so much better I am now on the treadmill 15 minutes a day and working slowly up few days. Thank you, Andrew!

 by Brenda White
Blue Z AND Digestive Enzyme Blend

This is my 3rd time ordering Blue Z, the first I thought it was a coincidence, the 2nd time I was convinced. Along with my 2nd order I got a free sample of the Digestive Enzyme Blend. My husband tried this because he has issues with his stomach. He needs a good pro & pre biotic. But the Digestive Enzyme help him with both of those. I cannot find any other product like Blue Z! Not even water filtration, especially with the fluoridated water. This time I am ordering 2 and we won't run out so fast. This product really makes a difference

 by Paula Vail

I have enjoyed the Bluezwater for a long time now, and just love it! It's so fantastic!

 by stu
The Missing Dietary Link

In these days of environmental toxicity and climate collapse it is imperative that individuals take direct responsibility for their own health as much as possible and which substances enter the body. This Blue-Z water additive revivifies a body as it penetrates every tissue and flows throughout the body. In my own case the improvement in digestive function has been the most dramatic change. The alchemical transformation which this water additive introduces into every cell of the body is real. It adds back life into the water one consumes by transforming a "dead liquid" into a living elixir eagerly welcomed by ever cell in one's body.

If I had to recommend one addition to the human diet to improve health and well-being it would be this substance. And what's more, it is inexpensive when one considers how concentrated it is and the amount of water it treats.

Kudos to Andrew Scheim -- a most gifted body worker healer/alchemist for discovering, promoting, and distributing this stuff!

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