Blue Z Bath

Everyone using Blue Z Water knows its amazing healing benefits. Besides being a comprehensive detox product, it also provides vital ionic trace minerals for deep cellular repair and its structured water matrix creates superior hydration. Using an inexpensive bubbling mat such as the Homedics ba-m200, one can add Blue Z Water to their bath and create a therapeutic bath that rivals the very best hot springs on the planet. The ionic sulfate minerals in Blue Z Water are the very same minerals that bubble up from ocean vents and are found in the best hot springs! This Bath Therapy creates a profound unwinding of the nervous system. Blue Z Bath can be used for symptoms of anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, autism spectrum disorder, adhd in children, adhd in adults and overall stress relief and stress management. Please allow time to relax after doing your Blue Z therapeutic bath session.


Fill bath half way.  Turn on bubbling mat to high and add 3-5 ounces Blue Z Water.  Turn on exhaust fan for a few minutes as chlorine will immediately outgas. Continue filling bath to desired level. You are now ready to enjoy your Blue Z Bath.  Adjust your bubbling mat to either low, medium or high. Please see this video: