Applications/How to use/Ingredients


Regular Dose:  It is recommended that you start with some form of filtered water. Add 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 ml) Blue Z Water concentrate to a gallon of pre-filtered water. Shake once or twice and your water is now transformed to structured water, H3O2.  If you are treating ordinary sink water we recommend doubling the dose to 1 teaspoon (5 ml) per gallon and wait at least a few minutes or preferably let sit overnight.

Intensive Dosing:  Please start slowly and work up to the following dosage. Add 1 teaspoon, per hundred pound body weight, into 4-6 ounces of water. Example: a two hundred pound person would add 2 teaspoons.  Do no more than twice a day. Exceeding the daily dosage limit of twice a day, can causes severe detox reactions. Please consult a practitioner. 

Please drink two glasses regular treated Blue Z Water 20-30 minutes after doing your intensive dose and stand on a Vibration Machine for 5-10 minutes, or use a Rebounder. If you are physically fit, you can jump rope for 3-10 minutes or go running. Please understand why it is vital to pump your entire cellular body. See Comprehensive Detox Program

Here are several guidelines to monitor intensive dosing protocol and possible detox reactions:

  1. Start slow at around 5-10 drops of Blue Z Water.  If you have no detox symptoms you can go up to the next level.
  2. If you experience occasional or mild detox symptoms, stay at that level for a day or two until symptoms subside, then maintain for 5-7 days. If symptoms don’t subside go down to a lower dosage.
  3. If you experience severe detox symptoms go back to the regular Blue Z Water dosage until you are clear of symptoms for 5 days. When restarting intensive protocol start at 1-2 drops.
  4. If bowel activity decreases or you experience constipation use extra fiber products such as chia or flax seeds and use our Energy Enzyme Blend (we always recommend using this product when starting a detox protocol).  If constipation continues for more than a day or two decrease your dosage. One should notice improvement in bowel activity after initial acclimation phase.

Detox symptoms include the following:  Constipation, diarrhea, excessive gas, acid re-flux, nausea, flu like symptoms, feeling anxious, feeling depressed, headaches, muscle aches, cramping, bad breath, fatigue, sleep disruption, loss of appetite and or possible increase in cravings. Please remember that as pathogens die off they dump toxins in your body. It is imperative that you do your cellular pumping exercises to minimize detox reactions.

Please see our ready to drink Blue Z Boost.

Brain Tonic: Helps to detoxify toxins from brain and for overall cellular repair.  Mix 1 teaspoon Blue Z Water to 10 ounces water. Add 3/8th teaspoon regular salt and mix well so salt dissolves. As an option add in 4 or 5  Shungite stones (google Shungite water).  Fill nasal spray bottle (can find on amazon) and liberally infuse nasal membrane with 2-3 mists per nostril. It helps to snort in while spraying to get maximum saturation of the nasal membrane. Do as often as needed. One may add favorite flower remedies or homeopathic remedies as desired.

Blue Z Bath: Fill bath half way. Turn on bubbling mat to high and add 3-5 ounces Blue Z Water.  Turn on exhaust fan for a few minutes as chlorine will immediately outgas. Continue filling bath to desired level. You are now ready to enjoy your Blue Z Bath:



Proprietary Ionic Mineral Matrix Containing Purified Water, Natural Trace Elements, Sulfate Group SO4

Store at room temperature.