Maximizing your Blue Z Water Therapy: Ozone Therapy, Breathing Exercises, Rebounding and Vibration Therapy

November 7, 2016

Our “Maximizing your Blue Z Water Therapy” program has 4 major features:


1. Increase the activated oxygen levels of Blue Z Water

We can essentially do this in two ways, using an ozone machine to increase the activated oxygen and boosting the dosage of Blue Z Water. Please see this video on using an ozone machine.  Please see this video on doing a Blue Z Boost and visit our Blue Z Boost page.

2. Pull of the byproduct of oxidation

Blue Z Water’s turbo charged Oxygen Therapy pulls all the byproduct of its own oxidation. Here is a simple way to visualize oxidation and the byproduct of oxidation. Think of a burning wood stove. The burn or flame (oxidation) creates soot and ashes (the byproduct of oxidation.) Using Blue Z Water is like burning wood in a self cleaning wood stove; you never get soot or ashes and you never have to worry about cleaning your stove. The ability to burn toxins and leave no byproduct is a truly amazing feat and solves the problem of oxidative stress.

So when you use Oxygen Therapy skillfully and you can clean up the byproduct of oxidation, the key issue then becomes how do we get rid of our huge pile of toxins. Think of this challenge as trying to burn a big pile of wood; the wood in this case would be a lifetime of accumulated toxins lodged in your body. The reason we never really can detoxify properly is because we don’t know how to create a turbo charged burn that is able clean up the byproduct of its own burn. That all changes with our Maximize your Blue Z Water Therapy program.

When you use the ozone machine and boosted dosages (Blue Z Boost) to increase the activated oxygen feature of Blue Z Water, you can control the intensity of the burn and longevity of the burn. Based on your level of toxicity and overall sensitivity, you can experience what is called a detox reaction or healing crisis. This can be mitigated by simply controlling the rate of detox. This is like regulating the damper on a wood stove to control the intensity of the burn. You will not lack the fire power but obviously it takes time to burn years of accumulated toxic debris. Since Blue Z Water completes its own oxidation cycle (cleans the byproduct of oxidation) you will experience overall less detox aggravations but nonetheless please monitor this process especially for the first few months when getting started. Also please read our tips and tools blog for further ways to support your detox program. Also please see our support detox videos and our detox support web page.

One note regarding the ozone machine: The boosted activated oxygen effect lasts for about 1.5 hours, so you can repeat this therapy as often as needed; basically about every 1.5 hours if you’re doing it intensively.

3. Use a rebounder (or whole body vibration machine) to pump the activated oxygen therapy.

Rebounding creates a squeeze release on the cells: every time you go up and down it is like squeezing a sponge. When you come to the top of your bounce you’re at zero gravity and when you’re at the bottom of your bounce your body becomes heavy. The shift in G-force is causing a squeeze release effect on the cells. If you want to clean a filthy sponge (the cells in your body), you need to create this squeeze release action. You wouldn’t put a filthy sponge in a bucket of water and just swish it around; you would literally squeeze and release it, then you would dump the water and then do it again until you got that sponge clean. This is our common sense approach when trying to clean a filthy sponge. It is no different when cleaning the cells in the body. This simple squeeze release pumping of your cells, vastly increases the rate of detoxing your 100 trillion filthy sponges in your body- your 100 trillion cells!

Whole Body Vibration Therapy is like rebounding on steroids.  It is very intense and has the added benefit of being able to break up heavy duty bound up connective tissue.  This constriction of tissue not only causes structural problems but can cause numerous health issues due to vasoconstriction and organ constriction.  Constriction of connective tissue, for example, in the colon can contribute to many colon diseases such a colitis, IBD,  Chron’s Disease and the colon also carries emotional trauma memories.  This therapy can release these profound trauma formations that cause both mental/emotional and physical suffering. Please read  this blog on vibration therapy.  Also please read this blog.


4. Breathe Like a Yogi for Dummies

There is yet another way to increase the rate of detox and deliver increased levels of activated oxygen to our cells. Once again we employ a common sense understanding of the problem. We need to defeat the stress response in our body. Why? Because stress causes vasoconstriction and blocks the delivery of oxygen to our cells. For most of us we remain in a state of constant constriction. Just think of a pinched garden hose. When the garden hose is pinched you cannot get the water through. In this case the water is the vital oxygen the cells so desperately crave. So how do we get the vasoconstriction process to let go? How do we get the garden hose to de-constrict? Well if a garden hose is bent you just un-bend it. It’s pretty simple. Fortunately there is a simple way to defeat our body’s stress response and oxygen choking vasoconstriction. Please read our blog “Breath like a Yogi for Dummies.” It explains the simplicity of the physiological process of constriction and stress and how to reverse it.

In a nutshell, when we’re stressed we over-breathe. When we over-breathe we get rid of too much CO2, and believe it or not CO2 is the gas that helps us to relax, helps the hose to de-constrict. It’s a  Vasodilator and it also causes the nerves to relax (nervine). So when you do this breathing practice you’ll actually feel relaxed. You’ll start to unwind in about 15-20 minutes time. If you’re in a state of panic or having an anxiety attack, you will go into a state of deep relaxation. With this simple breathing practice you’re training your system physiologically to breathe less, to relax, to slow down; as a result everything opens us and you can receive much more oxygen.

With this breathing practice you allow in way more oxygen. Utilizing this simple breathing retraining tool, along with a Whole Body Vibration Machine, one can reverse this deadly stress response that causes so much damage. Please see this video that shows you how to use the breathing mask while doing a Whole Body Vibration Therapy treatment.

So now we combine all these steps: Turbo charged Oxygen Therapy using Blue Z Boost and Ozone boosted water, pumping this therapy deep into your cells using a rebounder or vibration machine and finally de-constricting the deadly grip of connective tissue thereby exponentially increasing the amount of oxygen therapy to the cells. This is the holy grail of detox.

Please don’t forget two other key features of the Blue Z Water. One is that it’s super hydrating, so the cells will become way more buoyant. And also don’t forget the black mica minerals; after the cells are detoxified these incredible trace minerals go into the cell and help that cell rejuvenate. If you’ve been struggling with all kinds of health issues get that oxygen deep into the cells, get the minerals deep into the cells. Get the cells hydrated. Start to unwind, relax and break the stress cycle using our simple breathing practice. You will be very grateful, and you’ll realize that it’s not as complex as you thought.

So just to review, this program vastly increases the amount of Oxygen Therapy being delivered to the cells and at the same time de-constricts the whole system so it can receive this therapy. It is a simple, inexpensive program that is foundational to all other health programs. Once the cells start to bath themselves in vital oxygen, they are able to assimilate all other nutrients way more effectively and the healing process will grow exponentially.



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