Key Components to a Holistic Program

October 21, 2016
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  • Consciousness work. If you have gone through this site, you will realize that consciousness work is the foundation of our teachings.. Transforming Consciousness is center stage and the foundation to a holistic program.

  • Energy work.  Part of the process in transforming ones consciousness is to understand the energetic relationship between mind, body and spirit.   Every living thing from the most minute to the most complex works with fundamentals principles that are outlined in physics.  What is intriguing is physics keeps morphing itself over and over to where more conservative physicists have become perturbed with what is called new physics. The deeper one delves into reality the more blurred the lines becomes.  Energy work likewise can push the boundaries as we start to examine the multi-dimensional nature of our beings. However, there are some key fundamental principles to healing.  From a consciousness/energetic point of view the data of consciousness effects the rhythms and frequencies in our field and in turn if we re-balance our fields we can effect consciousness.  Everything effects everything.. Energy work can range form sports, yoga, movement therapies, energy devices like the e-power machine, meditation practice, Advanced Bodywork such as cranial sacral and acupuncture, etc. Everything has frequency and wave form so the idea of energy work is to transform harmful frequencies and wave forms. Ask yourself what is a Heavy Metal? What makes it toxic?  Why does a swamp breed disease and the same water rushing down a mountain is disease free? Start to observe with a frequency awareness and start working with changing your frequency terrain.

  • How to Ask the Body. This might be the greatest skill you can learn.  It is an essential part of cleaning both body, mind and soul. So who is the authority on yourself?  How do you know what action is best for you? What supplement is best for you?  How do you know when to take a certain supplement, how much and for how long? Isn’t it a fact that what you need today you might not need tomorrow; isn’t change the great constant?  So how do you keep up in real time, day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute and moment to moment?  How do you become awake to yourself? See more in tips and tools.

  • Detox. Any holistic program must create effective detox regimens. This is modern mans curse.  We are inundated with toxins, what is called auto-intoxication and environmental toxins. Examples of auto-intoxication are colon toxicity which causes a myriad of health problems from candida to colon cancer.  Another example of auto-intoxication is sinus infections. Essentially one can view auto-intoxication as unhealthy nesting environments that invite pathogens. Examples of external toxins are toxic foods (processed foods, gmos, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics), chemicals, heavy metals and electro magnetic fields that can compromise our health such as cell phones.  And don’t forget dental work. Dead entombed teeth (root canals) and a variety of compounds and alloys can cause serious health problems.  Of course if this isn’t stressful enough one can add in the overwhelming psychological stresses one experiences in aggregation with all these other imbalances.

  • You are what you eat (and drink).  If you read about diet and nutrition you can go mad as there are so many teaching out there. So here is our simple version. First drink Blue Z Water as one can not live without water for more than four days. Blue Z Water will both cleanse your body from years of accumulated toxins and also give it the essentials minerals that are the building blocks for proper metabolic functioning. This truly natural water is the foundation for all soil, plant, animal and human life.  Next learn what foods are absolutely harmful and start eliminating them from your diet.  Start eating living foods that are constitutionally compliant. If someone is always feeling cold yet eating foods that are cooling to the body, such as raw foods or juicing, they need to select a living food option that is less cooling or warming such as a quality green food product or a warmed whole food blend one can create with a Vitamix, Blendtec, or Nutri-Bullet blender. They might eat more soups and stews and use warming herbs, etc. This is one key principle.  Obviously each persons dietary needs are going to vary based on  their state of health, age, sex, stress levels, climatic region, etc. An adjunct to diet, is targeted nutritional and holistic programs that can address a multitude of health issues. Probably the most popular targeted program in the holistic field is colon detox. Other examples would be a weight loss program, thyroid program, immune or auto-immune program, anti-stress program, diabetes, rehab, programs for all sorts of mental emotional issues. But start with the simple first step, eat living foods that match your constitution and eliminate toxic foods and you will gain tremendous headway.

  • Herxheimer reaction or healing crisis. Anyone seeking to practice a holistic approach must learn and work with what is called a healing crisis. Anytime you upset the apple cart, the status quo, the system can go through upheaval. We teach our clients skills to minimize detox reactions.

  • Self Authority, Self Trust and Self Education.  No one is an authority on yourself including yourself. No one really knows and most are pretending to know.  Medicine is like religion.  Allopathic medicine has a fundamental belief system as does holistic medicine.  The question is what church do you like better.  I would say that those who chose to believe in “Orthodox” medicine like the idea of experts.  It is much easier to surrender your life to some authority and believe that they know what they are doing and you are clueless.  People who tend to lean towards a holistic approach are typically questioning right from the start, asking questions and not much for putting anyone on a pedestal. If you chose to go the holistic route it is going to be trial and error and your success will depend on your level of passion, study, practice, grace and good fortune.  The holistic road is one of self responsibility and asking a lot of questions. My job is to help someone focus more clearly and work as a coach. But no matter how much guidance is provided, the client must do their due diligence. One key area regarding self authority and self trust is learning to develop one’s intuition and self guidance. When it comes to the body do you go by some rote prescription or do you learn how to “ask the body” what it needs?  Developing ones intuition and learning how to tap into the bodies wisdom is a skill we teach and encourage.

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