Qi Stagnation, Visceral Manipulation & The Choking of the Organs

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How does emotional trauma play out in the body and how does it affect the organs? What is the choking of the organs? And why is this so important to address when working at colon health?

I think it’s important to have an understanding in simplicity about what is actually happening. We don’t think about our organs really at all. In bodywork there is a modality called Visceral Massage where you work on someone’s organs literally; their liver, their spleen, their stomach, their colon. So if you could feel what a body worker feels when doing this work, you would be amazed and understand immediately the importance of releasing the structural grip in the organs. You can imagine a boa constrictor choking it’s prey and this gripping phenomena is quite similar.

The organs are surrounded by connective tissue. Connective tissue goes everywhere in the body. Every time you experience a disturbing memory or thought, the connective tissue tightens and grips like a boa constrictor. This is what we normally associate as an emotional response. When certain pathways constrict we get a certain type of emotion, much like a string on a guitar being over tightened. We don’t realize that internally every time we have a stress moment there’s a literal pulling and gripping of the connective tissue. When it’s around an organ it literally chokes the organ. This is called Qi Stagnation in Chinese medicine or shall we say this is the resulting Qi Stagnation that is consequential to the mind creating stress.

It is of enormous importance, when doing bodywork, to get that grip to release. Now this is obviously challenging because the mind is causing the grip and then the grip itself is reinforcing the minds creation. It’s a viscous cycle because the grip reinforces the mind’s originating thoughts and beliefs which manifests and reinforces the power of these programs. The beliefs that cause the grip are actually not real but harmful thought formations that want you to believe they are true. Essentially it is programming being reinforced negatively as it causes one to go into a freeze/trauma response. On the up side this is definitely a wake up call to learn how to clean these programs; much like when your computer acts weird and you realize you have a virus that needs to be cleaned.

So the bottom line when we are working on colon health, is that due to this mind originating grip, your colon is gripped and seized. It’s so important to meditate and understand how you can begin to release that gripping sensation. We have different videos and blogs on consciousness work which we encourage you to watch. You can start here. So how do we start to break this conditioning where some feel their guts being twisted causing a multitude of health problems. Whole body Vibration Therapy can literally break the grip. It causes the nervous system to release it’s strangle hold on your connective tissue. It mimics the shaking trembling action animals engage to release their state of trauma freeze response they experience when playing dead. You might say this intense vibration discombobulates the minds normal fear pathways. Please read this blog that explains the importance of using vibration therapy to release emotional trauma:
Releasing Emotional Trauma with Whole Body Vibration Therapy

In my body work sessions, I combine various tools for one purpose: To first break “the grip” and then teach skillful follow-up practices so you can continue to release “the grip” when the inevitable subconscious looping programs seek to re-establish their destructive foothold. It’s amazing how quick one can release the grip if you actually learn the right skill set. With practice you can maintain a spiritual vigilance to the onslaught of subconscious programs.

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Andrew Scheim has been working in the field of holistic medicine for over thirty years. He is a Certified Natural Therapeutic Specialist and Advanced BodyWorker (Lmt #4598). Andrew is a long term Holistic Educator and Practitioner in the field of Nutrition. He creates cutting edge formulations and is owner of Andy’s Natural Formulas ( Please click here to view a comprehensive list of Holistic Services used by Andrew in his practice. Andrew has created innovations in the field of bodywork through a process of synergizing cranial sacral, polarity and acupuncture, with a new therapy called Rapid Release Therapy, an advanced technology for accelerating connective tissue release. His approach is powerful, comprehensive, flexible and factors in the unique challenges of our modern times. Along with hands on work, Andrew develops home programs for his clients which are simple to follow and easy to understand. When followed these simple strategies are the foundational tools for reprogramming the body back to a vital state. For some this might be something they have sought most of their life. Andrew has worked with clients suffering with Injury and Trauma, Diabetes, Crohn’s Disease, Colitis and various other Digestive disorders, Arthritis, Emotional and Mental issues, Chronic Fatigue, Congestive Heart Failure, Chronic Pain, Allergies, Heavy Metal and Chemical Poisoning, Thyroid and other Endocrine gland problems to name a few. Having overcome his own long term health problems, Andrew knows first hand the challenges and frustrations of the healing process and is committed to assisting others with their healing journey. One of his favorite quotes is: “There is no such thing as incurable illnesses just incurable people.” Andrew has also been a professional Blues and Jazz musician for many years. He credits his musical background for helping to hone his abilities in the deeper energetic systems of bodywork. He is also an avid tennis player and is truly grateful for the Holistic skills that has kept him young and active. Please click here to go to Andrew's Practitioner site.
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