Dr David Brownstein’s Iodine Protocol and Blue Z Water

October 1, 2016

This Blog presents an important enhancement for those doing Dr David Brownstein’s Iodine ProtocolThe purpose of Brownstein’s program is to eliminate the competitive toxic halides (bromine, chlorine, and fluorine) from the thyroid and re-establish the integrity of iodine in the thyroid gland. Those of you that have done this therapy, know that it can be quite a battle trying to pull out  bromine, chlorine, and fluorine. It’s like king of the hill; you’re trying to get iodine back into the thyroid which requires displacing and removing the toxic halides that have entrenched themselves in your body. This battle can create what is called a healing crisis or detox reaction. So what I discovered in my practice is when one uses Blue Z Water on an ongoing basis, this battle becomes very easy.

So first let’s discuss what Blue Z Water is; Blue Z Water is a profound detoxifier of virtually all toxins in the body. It works 24/7, and as long as you’re drinking this water you’re constantly pulling out all types of toxins including the toxic halides. By using Blue Z Water as your master detox product, you can vastly reduce your detox symptoms when doing Dr. David Brownstein’s high dose Iodine Therapy. What I recommend to my clients is doing Blue Z Water for a month or two, along with our “core detox program,” before starting Iodine Therapy.  By following this amended protocol to Brownstein’s high dose iodine therapy you will experience way less detox reactions. The initial Blue Z detox, which for the average person is 3 months, will eliminate significant amounts of bromine, chlorine, and fluorine making the re-uptake of iodine back into the thyroid gland a lot easier. This, once again, will help reduce detox reactions.

Brownstein’s regimen for removing halides is using Lugols Iodine and using a salt solution when aggravations occur.  But what about the large array of toxic chemical compounds and heavy metals that can also cause thyroid malfunction and overall endocrine imbalance? Wouldn’t it be best to have a protocol that address toxins globally?  Blue Z Water, being a comprehensive detoxification product, is way more effective at getting rid of toxins globally, including toxic halides, and covers a wide range of offenders that can cause endocrine imbalance.  For example, there are a number of studies on mercury poisoning and it’s effects on the endocrine gland system. 

Nascent Iodine (atomic iodine) or kelp are alternative forms of iodine therapy which some find less aggravating than Lugols iodine.  You can experiment with what iodine product and dose works best for you.  Also please read our blog Treating the Endocrine System with Glandular Supplements.   The thyroid is one part of an integrated endocrine gland system that is in turn part of a whole body dynamic.

In conclusion,  Blue Z Water is a vital tool for battling toxic halides and the huge array of environmental toxins that can cause endocrine disruption. Drinking Blue Z Water will help you achieve maximum success with your thyroid rehabilitation program.


Please see our video: Dr David Brownstein’s Iodine Protocol and Blue Z Water

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