Therapies for the limbic system.

February 1, 2021

Trauma freeze is the foundation of healing work. Retraining the nervous system starts deep within the limbic network. The tree of knowledge of good and evil, all the memories, can be accessed when you learn skillful limbic work. In terms of healing, this practice is best understood when reading Ho’oponopono teachings.  Simply stated we are replaying trauma memories, whose origins are ancient and we seek their purification. For many these memories seem too difficult to access and if we do awaken our awareness to what has been within us from day one now what? What can be done? And when was day one?

Once we understand the problem the healing begins. From a Hoʻoponopono perspective we are here to clean!  Personally, I knew this was the assignment from early on but cognitively never found outer teachers who looked at me and said Andrew welcome to cleaning.

The work we teach helps you acknowledge the inner child nature so that the subconscious data gets healed. If you simply listen to what the child plays and create a healing space then you create alignment between conscious, subconscious and divine consciousness.  This work is all about listening, doing nothing and receiving.  This is much like playing the most beautiful sound on an instrument.  The closest way I can suggest you approach healing is to listen and see what is shown. In that listening you will allow for divine attunement to occur.

Healing is call and response.  The skills we teach allow you to listen. The meridians are like strings on a guitar. The main string of subconscious data is the spine.  One key soul decision is how we understand and relate to the subconscious mind. Ive always stated the mind can not heal the mind. I believe Ho’oponopono teaching hits the mark.  Only Divinity cleans as divinity sees fit. What we learn is the language of petitioning.  We like any good music teacher seek to assist you with becoming a soulful musician. Learn to develop divine ears. The subconscious is the gateway to divinity. It would appear divinity wants us to look within and send up the forever sorrows to once and for all be cleaned. What the mind has created must be purified.  The term rebellion against creator is simply the mind itself.  Educate your mind for in its very knowing it knows nothing.


Tools for limbic system- learn to let go and receive. Awaken your relationship with subconscious.


BLUE ICE: The Relationship with the Self
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