Understanding our Vibration Therapy Workshop

March 25, 2018

The combination of whole body vibration therapy, rapid release therapy and TRE is a powerful protocol that works on every facet of health. Please see:


It is imperative to understand what is fascia and it’s profound impact on health. To understand fascia please look at these two blogs.

Blog 1 .   Blog 2.

 So lets look at the integration of TRE, Whole Body Vibration Therapy and Rapid Release Therapy. TRE (trauma release exercises) unravels the psoas muscle which grips the lower lumbar. By fatiguing and releasing the psoas, the spine begins to unwind and a trembling shaking motion is ignited. This is our natural trauma release mechanism being awakened. When you begin to release the grip of the lower lumbar, the colon can begin to unwind as the lower lumbar innervates the colon. It is imperative to unwind this choking phenomena, as a choked organ causes all states of diseases. It is of absolute necessity you learn to understand, what I call, the “Grip of Death”, if you want to learn how to “let go.”  We are literally wrestling ourselves into a choke hold.  TRE is a key tool in beginning the letting go of the grip of death. It hits the root spinal locking mechanism. But the lockdown is global and is reinforced by years of stubborn fascia formations.  One needs to address these entrenched fascia formations.

Whole Body Vibration Therapy (WBV) and Rapid Release Therapy (RR) are great tools for globally getting one to release this self choking mechanism.  Tre hits the root system and shoots into primal memories held in the brain and spine. It is more focused at the root system.  WBV and RR target the entire fascial body.

Now, in practical terms the lock down of fascia originates from where? Essentially the origination of the grip of death originates from trauma memory replay. It is imperative to learn the tools of trauma memory release and integral to that program is our vibration therapy tools. Please visit: https://bluezwater.com/meet-the-practitioner/trauma-release-resources/. Our vibration therapy tool kit is a must for deeper access to the subconscious and are key tools in our trauma release program.

Lastly, when trauma memory causes fascia seizing and chokes the body, the body gets diseased. This is common sense. Pathogens fall in love with a choked body. They love stagnant swampy environments. They hate oxygen and light. When you are choked you have less oxygen. There are thousands of pathogens that thrive on a choked stagnant terrain. To see where this WBV workshop integrates with our comprehensive detox program please see:  Comprehensive Detox Program.

In conclusion our Vibration therapy tool kit is essential for trauma work, structural work (injury, etc) and systemic conditions. There is no separation in my practice. It is all one profound dynamic that originates in consciousness and expresses at many dimensions.

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